Morzine - Chatel WebCams

Châtel is a small village close to the Swiss border, beyond Avoriaz and Les Linderets. Generally you find that the further you travel out of the central Avoriaz area, the better the snow and the lower the level of ski traffic. Châtel holds snow well late in the season, and offers superb skiing. Even for intermediate skiers based in Morzine, it is easy to ski to Châtel for lunch and then head back home, having enjoyed numerous and varied slopes along the way.

Here are some WebCam viewpoints from in and around Châtel. Why not bookmark this page as a great way to keep track of snow and weather conditions. Scroll down for some fantastic 360 degree panoramic WebCams with additional functionality for you to play with. Note that these panoramic WebCams require Flash, so may not be visible on some devices. This page will automatically refresh every five minutes to keep these views up to date.


 Chatel WebCam

This WebCam provides a view of the village of Châtel.


 Abondance WebCam

This older, and lower quality WebCam provides a view of La Chapelle in the Abondance area, between Châtel and Saint-Jean d'Aulps.


Beautiful views from the interactive panoramic WebCam at Morclan, Châtel .


Beautiful views from the interactive panoramic WebCam at Rochssons, Châtel .